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CNY Little League

Player Evaluations

2021 Season Information:


CNYLL has replaced our more formal evaluations with a Spring Training program aimed at getting kids back into baseball and softball in a low-pressure environment after a year off, while also allowing coaches and board members to observe and support families in making sure their children are in the most appropriate leagues. We've reserved time at the Maine Athletic Complex in Portland on March 20 and March 27 for baseball and on April 3 for softball and baseball. These sessions are encouraged, but not required. We hope to continue the Spring Training program outdoors in April as weather permits, before starting our regular season on May 1.

Majors/Minors BB & SB Evaluations:

Evaluations are typically held in March each year.  Specific dates and times will be announced .  Players will be broken into groups based on league applied for and be evaluated in one hour time-slots.  Players will run through stations including hitting, fielding, throwing, & pitching.  Scores will be assigned by evaluators based on criteria detailed below.  Evaluators will be limited to available active Board Members and Approved Head & Assistant Coaches.  Evaluators must participate in primary evaluation day in order to participate in make-up day. Scores will be used as a guideline to determine appropriate league & ultimately used by coaches to perform Draft. 


Determining Appropriate League:
Sometimes evaluation scores indicate that player(s) are not ready for the level of play or competition of the league for which they are being evaluated. This can present a safety issue if there is a great disparity in the skills at the high and low ends of the spectrum, and it has the potential to make the playing experience less enjoyable for those at each end.  In such cases, the board may decide that it is necessary to move 5th graders down from Majors to Minors baseball (or from Majors to Minors AAA softball), or to move 3rd graders down from Minors to Farm League baseball (or Minors AAA to Minors AA softball).  This is always a difficult decision, and as such is carefully considered by the board and done in the best interest of all kids involved.

Coaches have the ability to protest any score to the Player Agent.  The Player Agent has the right to modify any score that is deemed egregiously inaccurate.  Slight modifications are not grounds for modification.

Confidentiality: Evaluation results will only be sent to head coaches by the Player Agent.  Any distribution beyond the head coach and approved assistant is strictly prohibited.  Any discussion or sharing of results with other parents or children may result in the Head &/or Assistant Coach being removed from the position.

Approved evaluators may evaluate their own children at the discretion and review of the Player Agent.

Player Evaluations

Evaluations are done on a point based system 1-9

  1. 1. No skills, no previous baseball/softball experience
    2. Very few skills, appears to have no prior experience
  2. 3. Low skill set, weak player but appears to have some previous experience
  3. 4. Has Previous experience, has skill but poor mechanics

  4. 5. Well rounded, average skills, hustles and mechanics ok, will improve with coaching

  5. 6. Good skills, with sound mechanics

  6. 7. Good skills, a strong player with good mechanics

  7. 8. Very strong, reliable player with good mechanics, hustles with each rep

  8. 9. Exceptional impact player to build a team on, outstanding skills and a cut above the others