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All Star Player Selections

All-Star Player Selection Process

Who Selects the Players:

The Players:  The first 2 rostered players will be “player-selected” in which each player is allowed one vote to rank their top 5 all-star candidates.  The top 2 ranked candidates will be automatic selections to the All-Star roster

The Coaches:  Players 3-10 on each roster will be selected by coaches in their respective division (“Minors” division for 8,9,10 team, “Majors” division for 11U and 12U teams).  Head Coach and 1 assistant are eligible to vote.

The Tournament Selection Committee:  Players 11-12 (possibly 13 or 14) will be selected by the Tournament Selection Committee (TSC).  The TSC will be comprised of Team Manager, League President, Player Agent, and at least (2) “Independent Evaluators” that do not have a player under consideration, and are not current head or 1st assistant coaches in the division in which they will preside.  Any TSC member with a potential conflict of interest, OR who believes they lack the ability to effectively evaluate candidates will recuse himself or herself and will be replaced by an alternate evaluator, subject to board approval.  The TSC will evaluate candidates using player ballots, coach opinions and firsthand observations from the season.  This body will collectively determine the # of players to be selected and fill all remaining roster spots for that team.

What is the Player Selection Process:

Step 1:  Application:   All-Star Applications will be accepted by Player Agent on a running basis until the deadline of May 15th.   EVERY PLAYER THAT WISHES TO PLAY IN ALL-STARS MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION AND ATTEST TO THE COMPLETENESS, AND ACCURACY OF INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN.

Step 2:  Removal of Conflicts:  The Player Agent will review all applications to identify any candidates that would potentially miss practices or games during the All-Star season.  After communicating with parents to try to resolve conflicts, the Player Agent will communicate with the TSC and determine whether to disqualify any applicant with known conflicts.  If an applicant is disqualified, he or she will be notified immediately and be removed from further balloting and consideration except as an alternate, or in the event that not enough players are available to fill available roster spots.

 Step 3:  Determine whether Tryouts are necessary:  The Player Agent will review available All-Star candidates.  If there are 14 or more qualified candidates for a team, the Player Agent may recommend  that tryouts be held to help determine the team(s).  Upon approval by the CNYLL Board of Directors, tryout date(s) and time(s) will be scheduled and this communicated to all applicants immediately.  It is anticipated that only one tryout date and time would be scheduled, unless otherwise recommended by the Player Agent and approved by the CNYLL Board of Directors.

Step 4:  Player Balloting:  The Player Agent will prepare ballots of the remaining candidates and administer these to all players in the respective division (Minors for 10U All-Starss, Majors for 12U team).  The first 2 roster spots on the 10U and 12U All-Star roster will be chosen by “player ballot” on or about the last week of regular season play.  Players will rank their top 5 candidates (which can include themselves) on this ballot and Player Agent will make the results available to the TSC

Step 5:  All-Star Player Selections:   

If no tryouts will be held, the process for selecting each team will be as follows:

  1. The Player Agent will slot players 1 and 2 on each roster using results of player balloting

  2. A meeting will be held at which Coaches will rank remaining candidates from 1 to the # of candidates.  Upon review and tally of results, Player Agent will post players 3-10 to the roster, but only the Player Agent and the TSC will be aware of these results.  The following rules will apply:

    1. Only the Head Coach and 1st Assistant Coach for each team will be eligible to vote.  Coaches will be instructed to try to build the team by selecting the best candidate at each position.

    2. The Highest and Lowest ranks for each candidate will be removed before calculating his or her relative rank.

    3. Coaches will not publicly advocate for each candidate, nor will they be allowed to share collected statistics for each candidate prior to voting.  

  1. The TSC will then determine how many players will be selected to that team and, in consultation with coaches, will select the remaining rostered players using the following considerations*:

  1. Focus will be on fielding a “complete” team with necessary strength at key positions/roles (pitching, catching, batting, speed, etc) and guided by current Little League International Tournament rules.  Click HERE for little league tournament rules

  2. Consideration will be given to fielding the most kids on a given roster without diminishing the quality of that overall team

  3. If 2 or more candidates are deemed to be of equal value or contribution to a team, preference will be given to the candidate in the last year of eligibility for that team (10 year old for 10U team, 12 year old for 12U team).  

  4. The TSC may include candidate’s sportsmanship, contribution to team chemistry or other “intangibles” when evaluating candidates

*The TSC may, in its sole and absolute discretion, reach out to individual coaches for feedback regarding a candidates skills, sportsmanship, and other qualities when making these determinations.

If TRYOUTS will be held, the process for selecting each team will be as follows:

  1. The Player agent will slot players 1 and 2 on each roster using results of player balloting

  2. A single day of tryouts will be scheduled and communicated to all applicants, unless the Player Agent and CNYLL Board of Directors feel that more than one tryout is necessary.  ALL APPLICANTS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, BUT NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND.  Participation and performance at the tryouts will be a factor in the team-forming process, but not the only factor.  Coaches will participate in the Tryout session and members of the TSCwill attend.  This “Tryout” will offer evaluators the ability to observe candidates fielding various positions, hitting “live” pitching, and in practice/game scenarios.

  3. After the Tryout , coaches will complete their selection of players 3-10 on the roster using the process in 2) above.  The TSCwill select remaining players using the criteria outlined in 3) above.

Step 5:  Notification and Announcement of Teams

Upon completion of each All-Star roster by the TSC, each Head Coach will have 24 hours to contact ALL All-Star applicants that DID NOT MAKE A TEAM to inform them “in person” or via a telephone call.  This will not take place via email or text.

Each All-Star coach will communicate with his/her team and parents within 24 hours to congratulate rostered players, set expectations for practices and play, communicate fees and solicit required player verification documents.

The Player Agent will post All-Star rosters to the CNYLL web site and send a league-wide announcement after it is confirmed with coaches thatall players and non-rostered candidates have been notified.



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