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CNY Little League

League & Team Drafts

Majors & Minors BB Draft:   

At the Majors and Minor levels of BB, Teams will be decided based on the Coaches draft.  The draft will be held after evaluations are held and scores are completed.  Head Coaches may choose one previously approved Assistant Coach prior to the draft.

1. All eligible players will be placed in the player pool and sorted by their composite score.  Coaches are able to draft returning and new players at any time (unless governed by parent/sibling rules).

2. Draft order is random and drawn out of hat.  The draft is a snake draft.

  1. 3. Coaches with children in league have to draft their child in the round that the score dictates.  If a coach/assistant coach has two children in round 1, they must select their children in 1st and 2nd round.  If the two players are ranked in 2nd round, coach must select their children in 1st and 2nd round.  Anything outside of 2nd round it defaults to lower round.  Example: Two coach’s kids are ranked in 3rd round.  They would need to be selected in 3rd and 4th round. The Player Agent and League Head reserve the right to alter the draft order, or take other measures, in the event a team establishes an unfair competitive advantage or disadvantage based on coach pairing and the rules described above, especially related to the 1st and 2nd rounds.

  2. 4. If there is a tie in composite score, tie will be broken by pitching score. If there is still a tie, children of coaches must be selected in higher round. Example – Player A and B are tied for 4th and 5th rankings.  Play A is a coach’s kid, therefore he is ranked as the 4th player. 


  4. 5. If there are siblings on the same team, and the parents have requested that the siblings play on the same team, both siblings must be selected in the round they are ranked. For example: Sibling A is in the 3rd round and Sibling B is in the 5th round. A team that drafts sibling A (no matter which round) will automatically have Sibling B as their selection in the 5th round. If siblings are in the same round, then the same rules described above for coaches kids apply.


  6. 6. If there are not enough players to complete a final round of drafting, each manager will re-draw his/her draft order prior to the final round.  The manager with the #1 pick will select first, #2 will select second, and so on.  This order only applies for selecting the remaining players on the draft board. 


  8. 7. Placement after draft – If players register after the draft the names of teams without full rosters will be placed in a hat and drawn. 


  10. 8. Trades – trades are allowed immediately after the draft for up to 24 hours.  Explanation of reasons for trade must accompany email to player agent.  Approval of player agent is required.


  12. 9. If the Player Agent is also a coach in the league, and the League Head is NOT a coach in the league, then the League Head will be the acting Player Agent.