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CNY Little League

2021 Tournaments

 9/10 SoftballWill not be heldWill not be held
 11/12 SoftballStarts June 12 - Westbrook
July 9 or 10 - South Berwick

9/10 Baseball
Starts June 21 - multiple sites
Will not be held
10/11 BaseballTBD (July 7 est start)Will not be held
11/12 BaseballStarts 6/23- WestbrookStarts 7/23- OOB

Game Schedule:
All-Stars Tournament Schedules/Brackets will be posted once they are announced by District 6.

2021 All Star Calendar

All Stars General Information

The following all star teams are supported by CNYLL:

  • 9/10 Baseball
  • 10/11 Baseball
  • 11/12 Baseball
  • 9/10 Softball
  • 11/12 Softball

Player Applications:

All-Star baseball and softball are about advancing as far as possible in very competitive regional/state/national tournaments. It is the All-Star Selection Committee/Head Coach’s responsibility to put together the very best team at each age group, from 9-12 years old. There are Little League rules that govern playing time during tournaments and these rules vary based on the number of players on a team. It is possible children could play very little tournament play and be limited to a single position. This applies to all age groups for baseball and softball. There is a detailed description of the CNYLL All-Star selection for coaches and players in the links below on this page.


The commitment for All-Stars is more intense than the regular season. It is possible for a team to play into late August. All players will be required to be at all practices and games (unless an exception has been granted). Normally teams practice every day. District Tournaments typically start in late June/early July depending on the age group. The winner of the District Tournament goes to the State Tournament and the State Tournament can be held anywhere in Maine and will typically end by July 31st . The winning team at the State level may advance to the Regional tournament and then onto the Little League World Series in Williamsport PA, which ends in late August. There are no set dates or times for the games, as each tournament is double elimination. Whether you win or lose determines your next game date & time. There will be travel involved in state for the District tournament and state tournament, and out of state if the team advances to the regionals &/or the Little League World Series. While CNYLL sets aside limited funds to help defer the cost, there will likely be some out of pocket expenses, as well as fundraisers if the additional money is needed to defer travel costs.

Selection Process: